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Migrate from SQL Express to SQL Standard/Enterprise

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First time post in SharePoint section of MSDN forums, so, hi to you all.

Last week, I installed Microsoft Office Sharepoint Server 2007 for my company. I've never installed Sharepoint before, so I just choose the most logical options at that time. For instance, I choose using Single Server install instead of a Server Farm, because I tought it would be quite complex and I assume I can modify it later on after the server is getting heavier.

Now, one of the thing that I don't remember choosing is whether to use SQL Server Express or using other editions. Only after the installation is finished that I realized that Sharepoint is using SQL Express. Now, I know a lot of Express' limitaion (such as size limitation). So, the logical thing for me to do now is to move this to either Standard or Enterprise edition.

I've searched thru Google and MSDN forum, but failed to find the guide to do this. So, my first question would be: is it possible to move the current Sharepoint database from Express to Standard/Enterprise edition? If yes, where can I find the step-by-step guide or something?

My second question would be: is it possible later on to change my setup from Single Server to multiple servers (Server Farm)? I mean, if someday the server reached its limit and I want to move certain features to other servers, is it possible? If yes, where can I find the step-by-step guide?

If the answer for both my questions are "no", then does it mean that I have to re-install Sharepoint? I hope I don't have to. I really hope I don't have to.

Thanks for your answers.

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    • Once you have done the Single Server install it isn't possible to join it to a server farm. If you are looking at doing a server farm in the future you will have to reinstall SharePoint. If you chose to do the complete install when you initially setup SharePoint, you are able to enter the SQL server you wish to use as well as the database name. So...if you want to do a farm in the future, I wouldn't even work about moving you DB from SQL Express to SQL, b/c you will need to do a reinstall anyways.

      If you are looking to just stay with the single server, I've never done a move from SQL Express to SQL before for the SharePoint databases, so I'm not sure if it is possible or how easy it is. From what I've seen, just moving the SQL database isn't very easy. You can always try detaching the SharePoint DB's from SQL Express and re-attaching them to SQL Server...I don't think this will work, but it is always worth a shot.



      #1; Wed, 03 Oct 2007 02:34:00 GMT
    • Ben's right, you have to uninstall / reinstall to get the farm installation. Outside of that, here are a few things to keep in mind. In theory the SQL Express you are working with is actually a product know as SQL 2005 Embedded Edition, and it (for SharePoint) has no documented max db size. If you do not plan to use Farm settings (SharePoint services working together via different servers), then I suggest you leave it as it. The content databases can be moved to a different server, but that will take steps I cannot document right now, as I'm not close to my MOSS box. Let me know if you need that still.

      #2; Wed, 03 Oct 2007 02:35:00 GMT
    • Hmm, that leave's me with little option, doesn't it?

      I think I'll leave the server farm issue for "later discussions". We're just starting to use our portal, so I don't think I'll need to use the farm, for now.

      As for the SQL Express, my only concern is the db size limitation (2GB, right?). So, if you said that the SQL Express embedded in SharePoint doesn't have any size limitation, then it will be fine for me. But if it has, then I will need to move them to SQL Standard.


      #3; Wed, 03 Oct 2007 02:36:00 GMT
    • Hello,

      I have exactly the same question.

      How to migrate from sql server express 2005 to sql server 2005 without losing my current sharepoint website and all of his content ? Is there a step-by-step tutorial ?

      Thanks in advance.

      #4; Wed, 03 Oct 2007 02:37:00 GMT