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I've been working with creating a wiki site for our company and its going very well so far. The one problem I am having is the RSS feed for the wiki site. I have the RSS enabled and I can pull a feed fine from IE and Outlook but the entries are ordered by the creation date of the wiki article and not the modified date. This is very frusterating because the most recently changed articles are scattered throughout the feed instead of all being placed at the top. Is there a way to change my RSS feed to sort by date modified? I've looked through the options but I haven't found any promising leads yet. Thanks.

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    • Have you tried using the content query web part? You could point it at your wiki page library on your wiki site and then configure the sort to be by modified date. You have the option of turning on RSS for the content query web part. Not exactly the answer you were looking for, but another way around.


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