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''Edit Item'' not working in context menu of allitems.aspx for custom lists - WSS 3

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I have customized the EditForm.aspx for all my lists in my site using Sharepoint Designer 2007. Too, I have set the every list's EditForm to the new EditForm2.aspx in SPD.

Now, when I create new items in that list and try to edit any of them in AllItems.aspx (via the Edit Item option in Context menu), It takes me back to the site collection's home page(for some lists).

All are custom lists (BaseTemplate Type =100). Am using WSS 3.0

This behavior is not consistent. The 'view source' of allitems.aspx where edit item doesnt work is:



ctx.SiteTitle = "laoai-job10-T76";

ctx.ListTitle = "SpecificationCreation";

if (ctx.PortalUrl == "") ctx.PortalUrl = null;

ctx.displayFormUrl = "\u002f190607-192836-laoai\u002fLists\u002fSpecificationCreation\u002fDispForm.aspx";

ctx.editFormUrl = "\u002f";

and for the list where the edit item works is :

ctx.RecycleBinEnabled = -1;

ctx.OfficialFileName = "";

ctx.WriteSecurity = "1";

ctx.SiteTitle = "laoai-job10-T76";

ctx.ListTitle = "LayoutAndBudgetsSection";

if (ctx.PortalUrl == "") ctx.PortalUrl = null;

ctx.displayFormUrl = "\u002f190607-192836-laoai\u002fLists\u002fLayoutAndBudgetsSection\u002fDispForm.aspx";

ctx.editFormUrl = "\u002f190607-192836-laoai\u002fLists\u002fLayoutAndBudgetsSection\u002fEditForm.aspx";

I see that the ctx.EditForm is what is missing, but couldnt figure out how to fix it.. (core.js seems to be okay)



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    • Hey,

      This was driving me nuts too!

      Answer is to not delete the default list item form webpart, but set it's hidden attribute instead.


      #1; Tue, 02 Oct 2007 11:10:00 GMT
    • Forgot to add -

      Problem is you cannot repair this - you have to delete and recreate the list for some unfathomable reason.


      #2; Tue, 02 Oct 2007 11:11:00 GMT